Best Anger Management Tips To Control Emotion


Anger can affect how you make decisions. In some cases, it may help you deal with stress or other problems, but being angry can also lead to other issues.

It may become problematic if left uncontrolled. People may experience aggression, outbursts or physical altercations.

There are ways to avoid doing or saying things you may regret in the future. Anger management can help reduce stress and control your emotions, according to Healthline.

Below are some of the things you can do to control your anger:


You can start at 100 down to one. Counting helps put your focus away from what caused your anger. As you continue to count your heart rate will slow down until your anger subsides.


While counting, you may also take deep breaths from your nose. Exhale out of your mouth for several moments until you feel calm.

Stop talking, then think

When angry, people say words they don’t really mean to say. During an argument, think before you speak and do not let angry words fly. Try to stay silent, collect your thoughts and speak when you are already calm.

Make a mantra

“Calm down,” “relax,” “you’re fine” and “think, think and think” — find a phrase or a simple word that you think will help you calm down. Say it repeatedly to yourself when you are upset.

Me time

Go to a quiet room and try to think about a relaxing scene. Close your eyes and focus on the imaginary scene, like the color of the mountain, your room or the sound of the water.

Take a walk

You can calm your nerves through this simple exercise. Get out of the house or office for a walk and make your limbs active to improve blood flow and clear your mind of stress.

Listen to the music

Play a song that you think will help you clear your mind or divert your attention. Sing along and dance. But you may want to avoid heavy metal since it has been known to prompt anger.

Express your anger

Even when you are mad, you can still express how you feel. But always handle it in the right way and make a calm response. Engage in a mature dialogue, which may help reduce your stress and prevent more problems from surfacing.

When in a stressful situation, always focus on what is right when everything feels wrong.

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