iPhone accessories for 2019


Best iPhone accessories for 2019

In this article we will introduce you to few additional accessories that can be used with your iPhone. We spent some time research to find new accessories that can give a value to your iPhone usage. Perhaps you are already using these items, but you may not know the new products. We think that these accessories will help you to protect your precious phone, increase efficiency, or use your devices for your convenience.

Tempered Glass Screen Protector

This protects the touch screen. The phone’s touch screen is a very valuable and sensitive part. It’s a bursting, dropping, or other kind of thing that’s causing the touch screen to burst. Sometimes many additional bugs occur when installing a new touch screen. Also, when you use the phone for a long time, it scratches regularly by placing sweats, dust, and so on.

Modern full HD tempered glasses provide a very clear look, high hardness, resistant to finger mark and the protection of the touch screen.

Transparent cover

This is a transparent, full cover of the phone. The special feature is that the full phone is visible through the cover. Its featuring with flexibility, accessibility of volume buttons power button speaker camera and charging port, possibility to charge by wireless charger, protection for whole phone from scratch, dust and drops.

Waterproof cover

This is a small, transparent bag. This can be used when raining, playing on the beach, when swimming. But it is not good to put in for so long, because heat does not come out of heat. Also touch id will not wok when the phone inside the bag. Idea for photographing under water.

Sleeve Pouch

Very simple lightweight cover. Easily loaded in the pocket. You need to take it out from the cover to use, a small strap for it, and then by pulling it phone will come out. It is often made from microfiber, cloth or leather.

iPhone case

Covered with hard plastic but flexible. The back of the phone protects against heavy friction, scratches and damage from falls. Many use this type of covers. Compared to other types of choice, there are a large number of colors and designs.

Magnetic Flip Case

Made from fine leather. The phone provides complete protection as well as a very precious look. There is a lock with a magnet. There are several more pockets that can be used for things like money, credit cards or business cards.

Armband Case – Editor pick

A cover that covers the entire phone with a wearable strap made of high-quality fabric or leather and washables with water. Good to wear when running, exercising, walking, climbing, cycling, golfing, paragliding, ballooning and still possible to play music, answer call, watching movie etc. its good fit for any arm size.

Wireless Bluetooth Headphones – Editor pick

This is a very lightweight bluetooth headphone that can charge by USB cable. Its offer 7 days standby time, 15hrs talk time, work up to 10m distance, sensitive microphone, excellent stereo sound and noise cancelling. This is ideal when you are sports, cooking, running, exercise, walking, working in garden.

Function buttons to answer call, play music, connect or disconnect to phone. Small light indicates charging and connection status. Polished looking hard plastic earbuds and the flexible cable.

Heat dissipating iphone case – Editor pick

Often, if you use a cell phone with a normal cover for charging a phone, making a video call or playing a game for long time, it’s getting hot. Overheating can damage the phone’s devices.
But this cover will be dissipating heat and still give a protection from dropping for backside and any activities that can damage the phone edges. Ideal for long lasting phone usage and it will save money on replacing the batter and other parts.

Iphone stand

A cell phone stand or phone holder is a very popular topic today. Today there are so many cell phone stands in the market. They need to be used in different situations. Eg. to see a menu while cooking in the kitchen, watch a movie while sleeping, see the map while driving, watch the news while eating breakfast and so on. Many of them are flexible so that can adjust as you need.

Power bank

Today, many people are trying to manage the power status of the battery. But this is not an easy task, because most applications are run on the background, when wifi or 4g signals are low, the phone keeps searching for it so that consume additional power, more additional equipment usage such as bluetooth headphone, some options like location service, push notification etc.
Some time when you are travelling, playing a game, watching a movie, the phone need continue power so in that case power bank is the best solution.
When you are looking for a power bank, you need to consider its output power, Charge Capacity, time full charge, how many time phones can charge, size.

Mini Portable Projector

Portable device and easy to career. Idea to have home theater in your house to enjoy with whole family. Suitable for playing videos, video game, watching photos, playing music videos and anything that can play on iphone. Can be connect to iphone easily using lightning cable.

Mobile Game Controller

Most people like to play video games. The video game controller is ideal gadget for this, pocket size and easily career anywhere, bluetooth connectivity. You can play games on the beach, while travelling on flight or train, while you sleeping on bed and so on.

Wireless Car Charger

Maintaining battery level of the phone is difficult task. Car charger can charge your phone while you drive so you can keep calling and using GPS on the phone. Many car chargers could be easily mount to the dashboard.

Camera lens

What is a iphone camera lens?
This is an external lens such as a lens of normal camera but this need to be attached to the phone using a clip.

Why you need this?
when you are in a group of friends or family that cannot cover to have a full photograph by iPhone camera, this lens will do it.

This lens is ideal to get landscape pictures, wider group pictures or any kind of wider view image.

Solar charger

What is a solar charger?
A solar charger is a charger that converting sun light into electricity.

Why you need it?
When you are traveling, rock climbing, walking, hiking, camping, rafting or any other activities that you involve which you don’t have power to charge your phone, this item will provide power to charge your phone to keep communicate with the world.

Selfie Stick

To get best angle photograph or video without missing anyone in the group or family, its need best way to hold the phone. This selfie stick could be used by hand or put on the ground or a table. The advantage of this is, it could be operated by a remote control, can you as a tripod, expandable handle, rotatable phone holder, fordable and easy to take anywhere.

Giving a great value to have photos of your vacation, party, wedding and family.