Best wireless chargers for iPhones Review

wireless phone chargers

The wireless charger is one of the best innovations when talking about mobile phone accessories. In this article we would like to list most popular wireless iPhone chargers and Samsung galaxy chargers manufactures with their products.

What is a wireless charger?

(The basic mechanism of wireless charger)

wireless charger is a type of wireless power transfer. It providing electricity through electromagnetic to charge the phone. The most common method is the Qi wireless charging standard for wireless chargers.

What is the benefit of wireless chargers?

No Wear & Tear

Ver safer way to charge the phone.

No cable plugin to phone, just simply put your phone on the charging pad.

Not making loose connection or oxide on charging port

Easy to career


Here is list of best wireless iPhone chargers / samsungĀ 

YOOTECH wireless iPhone/Samsung galaxy charger

YOOTECH wireless iPhone

One of the best-selling charger. Manufacturing Qi standard stylish, high-quality and affordable wireless chargers since 2014 by YOOTECH. Compatible with many iPhone models and Samsung galaxy phone models.

Very slim charger and comes with features like phone could be charge while it in the case, protecting from overheating and short circuit, phone could be stay on the charger vertically or horizontally to charge while watching movie or reading ebook and many more.


Anker Wireless Charger

Anker Wireless Charger

Manufacturing by Anker Technology and they are global leader in charging technology. Anker is manufacturing wireless chargers, car chargers, portable chargers and wall chargers. The chargers are compatible with many iPhone models and Samsung galaxy models.

Features including landscape orientation or portrait mode to give more convenient to user to use the phone while charging, charge while in the case, fast charge mode and many more.


CHOETECH wireless charger

CHOETECH wireless charger

Manufacturing by CHOETECH. They have range of other products like High Tech USB Cables&Chargers, USB 3.0 & USB C PD connectivity devices, digital AV products, headphones and other mobile accessories.

This wireless charger is slim, light weight design is travel-friendly, compatible with iPhones/Samsung galaxy models and other wireless devices, possibility to charge while in the case, coming in black/white colors and more.


RAVPower wireless charger

RAVPower wireless charger

Manufacturing by RAVPower. They are manufacturing more products like power banks, car chargers, wall chargers, laptop and cell phone batteries. This charger also compatible with iPhone/Samsung galaxy models.

Features including charge while in the case, temperature control system to prevent overheat, Qi-Certified, anti-slip surface and more


We will keep update this page with more best wireless chargers as we found.

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