Construction company in Abu Dhabi UAE


The team of innovators, designers, and construction experts here at Projex follows the leadership of some of the most accomplished and successful individuals in the industry. With decades of experience in architecture, the Projex team is prepared for virtually any undertaking.

Due to an expectation for thorough, exemplary work on every project, Projex encourages a hands-on presence affording leadership the ability to work with teams through an on-site technical office.

Our Services

Interior Fit-Out
Thanks to an abundance of construction resources and extensive experience. Our team of experts is able to adapt to any situation to make sure your space is perfectly prepared for occupation.

Through a hands-on approach that puts our leadership on the front lines, we’ll perfect every detail on every aspect of the project, including floors, walls, ceilings, joinery, accessories, lighting, and more.

Hard Landscaping
While hard materials, such as stone and metals, are often difficult to maneuver and design around, they can be the crux of a beautiful and refined landscape. That’s why our team has perfected the art of hard landscaping, which means you have no restrictions when it comes to creating your ideal space.

From steps and block paving to decking and terracing, Projex will help you create an identity to define your space.

Soft Landscaping
No matter your landscaping vision, the purposeful use of agriculture can provide the nuanced elegance necessary to elevate your space to the next level. Our soft landscaping experts utilize plants, palms, and other agriculture to deliver physical artistry.

Experienced leadership is the guiding light for everyone here at Projex, allowing us to exceed our clients’ expectations and deliver only the highest quality of work on even the most ambitious projects in the world.

Through the use of only the best materials, our team is able to deliver the highest level of efficiency, performance, and innovation regarding your property’s irrigation. No matter the challenge, it’s our mission to perfect every aspect of your project with innovative, environmentally-friendly, and sustainable systems.

Architectural Design
Using a mastery of space and material elements, Projex creates coherent, elegant, and functional architectural designs. From the stages of strategic definition to handover and close out, we relentlessly pour our effort and resources into architectural design to ensure the project is accessible, cost-effective, operational, secure, sustainable, productive, and aesthetically pleasing.

Interior Design
The essence of any structure’s beauty exudes from its interior design. Here at Projex, we design healthy, aesthetically pleasing interiors that will serve as the emotional foundation of your project. We use space to take full advantage of physical boundaries. We employ lines to shape a room and guide the eye. We use form and light to enhance purpose and ambience. We combine color, texture, and pattern to define a mood, create unity, and add depth.