Green tea for weight loss


There has been a lot of talk about green tea and how it can work for diets.  Does green tea work to help you lose weight?  Yes.  As long as it is home brewed, unsweetened green tea.

Green tea has health benefits that are not found in black tea.  In general, tea is a drink that is good for you.  There are hundreds of different teas and many different flavored green teas.  You can have green tea either caffeinated of de-caffeinated.  This acts as a diuretic and will cleanse out the system. 

While water works well as a diuretic, green tea is more stimulating.  Speaking from someone who has tried both, green tea works better when it comes to dropping the pounds than just drinking plain water. You do end up visiting the bathroom often when you drink tea or water all day long, but you also manage to cleanse out your system and keep off the weight.

You should look for green tea in bags or loose that you can brew at home.  One of the nicest aspects about green tea is that you can drink it hot or cold.  It is easy to make iced green tea even without a tea maker.  You just need to have tea bags, a container and boiling water.  Put the tea bags into the container, add the boiling water and let it brew for about five minutes.  Then fill up the rest of the container with cold water and remove the tea bags.  Refrigerate it and you will have iced tea that you can drink all day long.

You can find flavors of green tea in the grocery store that do not contain any calories.  Natural green tea, however, works the best.  You should not add sugar to the tea as this will defeat the purpose in drinking it.

If you do not like the taste of green tea unsweetened, then drink water.  You will find that you take off your water weight, which is usually about five pounds, right away by drinking plenty of green tea or water throughout the day.  Not only will it help you lose weight, it also keeps you filled up.  You tend to want to eat less when you drink unsweetened drinks all day long.  To the contrary, sweetened drinks, even those that are made with artificial sweeteners, make you want to eat more.

Stay away from canned green teas or those that are sold in the stores that are already brewed.  They will not allow you to lose weight but can also contribute to you gaining weight.  You can also make “sun tea” by putting tea bags into cold water and putting the container by the sunlight.  It will brew naturally throughout the day and the taste is often better than if you make it with boiling water. 

There are diet green teas that are on the market that are supposed to let you lose more weight.  These diet teas are usually heavily concentrated in caffeine. You can get the best effects, without the jitters that you get from taking in too much caffeine, by drinking regular green tea.

If you drink caffeinated green tea, switch to decaffeinated green tea as the day wears on so that you will not be kept awake by the effects of the caffeine.  You may want to switch your morning drink from coffee to green tea so that you can get a head start on the day.  Although both contain caffeine, the caffeine in coffee is more potent than that in the green tea and less of a diuretic.

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