Health benefits of clay pot cooking

clay pots

In this article we would like to discuss health benefits of clay pots cooking.

From ancient times, humans have used clay pots to cook. This is confirmed by the excavation in the places where ancient man lived. One of the reasons why the man who lived in the past is a very healthy longevity is the things they used in daily life.

Clay pots are built by hands. This is the earliest forming method. Clay thoroughly crushes and adds water to the required extent, put a clay ball on a flat board and rotate it to form it, and then the shape creates by hand.  But today, other advanced methods are used.

Today, clay based products are a huge industry. They can also be used for home, office, hotels decorations. These are in many colors and shapes of beautiful flower vases, animal creations and many more decoration items.

Many people have become accustomed to being sick and then taking medication. And not by preventing them from getting through long-term good habits. So let’s take a look at the benefits of cooking in clay pots.

  • The porosity and natural insulation properties of clay its ability to circulate steam throughout cooking. This allows you to cook with low moisture and low-fat oil.
  • Because the slow cooking process, temperature in the clay pot is controlled and food’s taste and all the nutrients are retaining.
  • Clay is a composition of many elements such as calcium, phosphorous, iron, magnesium and sulfur etc. so cooking in clay pot will add many important nutrients which are extremely beneficial to our body.
  • No additional oil added need to cook which mean it will help to maintain cholesterol level
  • Also clay pots are not very expensive kitchen utensils and you can buy them in different shapes and sizes without spending lot of money.
  • One of the best eco-friendly product, not cost to recycle