How to control diabetes naturally, control your blood sugar


Nowadays, the most common disease in humans is diabetes. Many people die from diabetes every year. In 2012, 1.5 million people died due to diabetes. It is increasing day by day. The reports of the International Diabetes Federation show that about 400 million people were living with diabetes in 2015. The reports of IDF show that China, India, and America are top of the list in diabetes. According to the survey, almost 24 million American were suffered from diabetes in 2013. So, the question arises that can a diabetes patient can get rid of diabetes? The answer is ”Yes”, but how can we do it? Here are some natural ways how can we control our diabetes.

Natural Ways to Control Diabetes

Exercise Regularly
Diabetes patients should do exercise daily. The doctors recommended diabetes patients to walk daily for at least 30 minutes. It helps to control their blood sugar level.

Drink a lot of water daily
Drink a lot of water daily helps to control the blood sugar level. Observations showed that diabetes patients who drink enough water had lowered their blood sugar level. Drinking enough water is also good to stay healthy.


Control your Stress level
Stress is also one of the causes of diabetes. One study shows that the person who takes a lot of stress suffers from diabetes. So, diabetes patients should not take too much stress as it is injurious for them. Stress can be lowered through exercise, relaxation, and medicines.

Sleep well
Diabetes patients should sleep well. Studies show that diabetes patients should sleep enough to control their diabetes. Sleeping well helps to control sugar level. Poor sleeping can increase sugar level.

Maintain weight
Diabetes patients should control their weight. The diabetes patient’s weight increases day by day and it is not good for them. So, diabetes patients should maintain their weight by exercising and walking.

Monitor your Blood Sugar Level
Diabetes patients should keep blood sugar record. Diabetes patients should check their blood sugar daily and keep a record of their blood sugar level on a daily basis so that he can observe that whether his blood sugar level increasing or decreasing.

Foods those are good in diabetes

Apple cider vinegar
Apple cider vinegar had a lot of benefits that keep our body healthy. It is also good for diabetes patients because it helps to control blood sugar level.

Foods Rich in Magnesium
Magnesium helps to lower blood sugar. The diabetes patients should eat that food that is rich in magnesium. The foods that are rich in magnesium are Banana, Kale, avocado, raspberries, green leafy vegetables, nuts, seeds etc.


Foods Rich in fiber
Foods those are rich in fiber help to control blood sugar level. There are two types of fiber and both are good to keep blood sugar in control. The foods that are rich in fibers are Banana, orange, apple, mango, raspberries, strawberries, bread, grains, nuts etc

Foods Rich in Chromium
Chromium helps to lower blood sugar level. The diabetes patients should eat those foods that are rich in chromium. The foods that are rich in chromium are Broccoli, grapes juice, Green beans etc.