How to Create Your Own Physical Video Products, video editing software


Many people in the modern world have an increased tendency to watch videos. It’s because the video allows you to see many things today in a very accurate and live way. For this reason, many people are turning to video production. Video production is a very complex process, where many technologies are used. While video production is being used for the first time in entertainment, today it is expanding in many fields.

How do you choose your topic for your video product?
There are few ways to decide the topics, it depending on exact need, maybe you are creating a video for yourself for membership site, youtube product review, customer’s product presentation, advertisement, product tutorials or instruction, wedding video etc. Whatever your needs, picking a best topic is the first step towards creating a great video.

What are the tools and techniques required for video production?
The process here is primarily the process that you are trying to capture using a mobile phone, but here, you need to use advanced equipment and technologies to produce a high-quality video.

When you refer to a camera, you may be wondering if you want a Hollywood type camera.

A good camera gets a higher price when buying a camera. Buying a high-quality camera is good, but there are most modern cameras available at affordable prices. And if you’re new to video production, it’s best to buy an average camera.

There are few options you should consider when buying a camera, those are always mentioning in their products description. They are as below.

Video quality, e.g.: 1080P(15FPS) AVI Video Resolution, 24M(6000×4500) JPEG Image Resolution.
LCD Screen size
Battery life
Digital zoom, e.g:16X, 24X etc.
Other functions like USB 2.0, TV Output, SD card support and so on.

Both the camera and the mike should be purchased accordingly. Otherwise there is a lot of difference between video and sound quality. There is mike inbuilt in some cameras but that will not enough to record better quality sounds so you may need to use a external microphone.  Best features of the microphone should be to increase sensitivity and filtering out background noises for crispy clearer and louder sound.

Tripod or Gimbal Stabilizer
There are various of tripod can be seen in the markets. Most of them can are fordable for the convenience of carrying them. When choosing a tripod, you need to be careful about its height, weight of the camera etc.

Lighting equipment is necessary if you’re primarily recording indoors and in low light areas.


Lighting Kit
Creating great video or images requires premium lighting, so you will need umbrella lighting kit. By using the lighting umbrellas to diffuse the light, the camera will be able to capture a full spectrum of color with neutral skin tones and soft supple light. Umbrellas are also affordable, easy to work with, and very handy to transport.

Video Editing Software
This is the most important part to edit the video and sound you recorded. For this, you will need an excellent video editing software to setup the end result. In the case of some of the gadgets mentioned above, it’s the time to correct it and produce the final output. There is very prominent software you can see in the market which are developed by some major software companies. But still there are many good other software you can buy for affordable prices.


Here are some of best-selling video editing software that reviewed by many users.