Mountain biking equipment


Mountain biking is a one of the best activity that brings best exercising workout and also hobby. Here we would like to list some important equipment and accessories used in mountain biking.

Mountain bikes are different from other bicycles in that they are primarily designed to improve durability and improve rugged terrain. Most modern mountain bikes have some kind of suspension, there are tires with a more diameter, and a wide, flat or raised handlebar that allows for more straightness. control.

Glasses that are little or no different from those used in other bicycle sports can help protect against debris.
Unlike the smooth-toed shoes used in road cycling, the shoes have the same grip as the hiking boots to overcome obstacles that are usually not removable.
GPS systems
GPS systems are sometimes added to the handlebars and are used to monitor progress on trails.
Pump to inflate tires.

Bike tools
Bike tools and extra bike tubes are important, as mountain bikers frequently find themselves miles from help, with flat tires or other mechanical problems that must be handled by the rider.
It is important to protect the head from the head cover. Helmet use is universal among all mountain bikers in one way or another. Body armor and pads, often simply referred to as “armor”, protect the limbs and trunk in the event of an accident. ┬áThe armor can range from simple neoprene sleeves to knees and elbows to complex, articulated hard plastic shells and padding to cover the entire leg or whole body. Gloves can provide greater comfort when riding by alleviating compression and friction.

First aid kits
First aid kits are often carried by mountain cyclists, who are able to clean and clip cuts and scratches and broken limbs. As the speed increases, the head, brain, and spine are more likely to be injured. All this can lead to permanent changes in the quality of life.