Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist – The Best Wedding To-Do List

Wedding Planning Checklist

A Wedding Planning Checklist for every engaged couple

Set up a remarkable and unforgettable ceremony for marriage with our comprehensive Wedding Planning Checklist

14 to 12 months before marriage

  • Select and get your design inspiration

You can select your design ideas by simply scrolling down Instagram, by leaf through the magazines and browse your favorite and best lifestyle and fashion sites for the inspiration. Observe around your house closely and you will find unexpected ideas. You will never expect what kind of ideas can make a real impact on your house.

  • Determine the amount of budget regarding the ceremony

Determine and make notes about the list and draw the conclusion after calculating how much money you can spend on the ceremony and how much your family can help you in contributing to your ceremony.

  • List out the people for the invitation

When you get engaged people to realize who is going to be there at the wedding, and who is not.

  • Consider what your guest list will be

Make a list in the spreadsheet and work out the plan, add contact information, address, RSVPs, gifts and any other relevant information. While you set up the party you have to plan the budget for it. And to reduce the cost you must first reduce the count of guests.

  • Hire a wedding planner if you think it is essential

When you hire a planner he is always helpful due to his relations with vendors and also has experience.

  • Fix the wedding date and book venue

Decide the locations, determine whether they are going to be separate, and calculate the travel time between the two venues.

  • Hire a videographer, caterer, photographer, band or other wedding vendors

You must keep in mind that the best wedding planners, venders or other event pros must be booked a year before you arrange your marriage ceremony.

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Things to consider Nine months before marriage

  • Book every remaining event for entertainment

Determine and analyze the potential acts and attend gigs how they will perform in front of the audience, and the one you like to reserve it.

  • Determine your dinner food and drink menus

Book the best and considerable services for your marriage, if the wedding venue does not offer.

  • Purchase your wedding dress, jumpsuit or wedding outfit

You must consider that you have to schedule the time for the last three fittings. At any time, or for the last three months, veil shopping can be postponed.

  • Reserve hotel room for guests who are from out of town

Select a minimum of three hotels near your reception venue.

  • Register for wedding gifts

According to your budget sign up at a minimum of three retailers.

  • Create your website or webpage

Create your webpage or social media page, where you can add every information regarding the marriage such as date, traveling information, accommodations and registry information.

Seven to six months before

  • Select a designer for cards and purchase invitations

Hire a good calligraphist or graphics designer who will design your marriage card consuming your time, and you have to select your budget accordingly.

  • Plan your honeymoon

Make your that you have updated passports and set appointments with the doctor for any shots that you may need.

  • Shopping your bridesmaids’ dresses

Arrange your dresses before at least six months before your marriage and fix the size and fitting on time.

  • Meet and Hire any suggested officiant

Keep track of your ceremony and make sure that your official documents about the marriage are ready.

  • Put forth save the dates
  • Reserve any electrical and structural necessities

If you need any outdoor toilets, extra chairs if needed, and lighting components for decoration you must book them.

  • Transportation

Prefer minibuses, limos, trolleys and town cars.

  • Generate a day-of timeline

Drawing a schedule of each event and slot in every component. If you hire a planner, they will assist with this.

Four-five Months before Marriage

  • Book venue for Rehearsal dinner

You must negotiate the menu and the cost. To host a day-after brunch you must book the place.

  • Check on the wedding invitations

Ask the calligrapher and stationer for samples of the finished invitations, and check if they suit your results.

  • Taste and order the best wedding cake

Before going any further you must attend and refer to some bakers, and order for the one which fulfills your requirements.

  • Send your guest list to the person who is going to host

Provide information about special people to the host or shower.

  • Purchase wedding shoes and outfits

Bring shoes accordingly, and ask the trailer to set the appropriate length.

  • Schedule a make-up artist and hairdresser

Take some appointments and ask for the time so that he may be available to you, also make some photos at each so you can evaluate the results.

  • Set up your music playlist

Select your favorite songs, It is not possible to play your each favorite song, but instead select the best one for the best time

Things to consider 3 months before Marriage

  • Things to consider three months Before Marriage

It is likely observable to see what is going to be available, food and flowers are affected by the season. In winter, few flowers do not bloom. Weather conditions also affect flowering plants.

  • Order favors before 3 months if it is one of your concern

Some ideas about crowd-pleasing, which include monogrammed cookies, or some kind of treats which represent your regional city or whatever, if you are thinking about planning welcome baskets for guests who came from out of town then do it now as well.

  • Make a list for yourself about those giving toast

People whom you want to allow to speak at the reception, ask them now or as soon as possible.

  • Completely finalize your readings

Consider what is going to be written for the ceremony, and who is going to read, determine it now.

  • Shop your undergarments right at this time

Shop your undergarments and also schedule your second fittings.

  • Select your order of ceremony as well as the reception
  • Get the prints of menu cards and programs

You don’t have to print by any professional printer, if you can make them at home it is better to reduce the cost of the budget.

  • Purchase the rings

It will help you by giving you some time to resize and engrave the rings.

  • Provide your venders the schedule of marriage

Give them your schedule to them, you give them your first draft which allows ample time for the purpose of tweaks and feedback.

Plans to consider two months before marriage

  • Make sure you are done with any queries with your hired pros

Make sure you are done with any kind of confusion and every question has been answered by you and them as well.

  • Do your meeting with the photographer

Discuss the location and what kind of photography you want.

  • Review once again the band and playlist for music selection

You cannot play every song but, must have a wish list of those which are at the priority.

  • Send the invitations

Mail all the invitations before six to eight weeks of marriage date.

  • Celebrate and enjoy the bachelor Party

Arrange a party with your girlfriends, or friends if you have not mentioned it before consider it now.

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A month Before Marriage

  • Add each RSVP into your most trusted guest list document or spreadsheet

Contact those people who have not responded yet and haven’t replied you back

  • Take your marriage license

It is a time taking process which may take up to six days but is better to give yourself some leeway if you have to change your name you must order many copies.

  • Do not forget to Mail each Rehearsal-dinner invitation
  • Visit your tailor for the fitting of your last outfits

Stay away from each trouble, and schedule a week for fitting your outfits. You can cancel the appointments and try dresses it fits perfectly.

  • Stock the bar

You can order according to the number of people attending your marriage

  • Send the final payments to the pros that you can
  • Set and confirm the time of hair and makeup as well as each vendor
  • Assign the Seating for your guests at the marriage hall or place

Make some ideas regarding the arrangements of the tables and chairs inside the room, area or hall.

  • Now purchase gifts for your family, thank you gifts at the wedding party
  • Write down your vows, if it is essential
  • Get a great haircut and color your hairs if you want to

Considerable things to do at your wedding week

  • Once again confirm the time of arrival with your vendors
  • Assign wedding-day duties and small tasks
  • Send a copy of tasks and events to the wedding party
  • Collect your dresses or suits from the tailors, makers, etc.
  • Contact your photographer and check every detail regarding any confusion
  • Set checks for the vendors, use envelops
  • Appoint and do the booking of a spa treatment
  • Send the listed out the final guest list to the venue hosts and caterers who organize your wedding
  • Butt in your shoes
  • Gather and Spread the welcome baskets
  • Pack your baggage for the honeymoon

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