What are the features of best quality headphones


    In this modern era, where almost everyone has personal mobile phones, laptop, desktop computer and almost everyone uses headphones for different purposes like for listen music, talking, recording audios etc. But people use headphones and feel not happy with their headphones because that headphones do not have some qualities that good headphones should have! So, the problem is that what qualities should we check in a headphone before buying a headphone?

    In the headphone market, there are huge variety of headphones available. Most of them are good but there are some important features that you should check before you buy an expensive headphone.

    Here we have mentioned some features that a good headphone has.

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    Sound Quality
    The most important thing that we have to check before buying the headphones is that it should have clear sound. If a headphone does not give you a clear sound, we would not like to listen through that headphone.

    Bass and treble
    The another most important feature that a headphone should has is a good combination of bass and treble. Nowadays, people like to listen bass music so headphones should have good bass.

    It is also a good feature that decides whether a headphone is good or not. As nowadays, mostly people talk too much on mobiles phones and it make them annoying to hold a mobile phone on their ears. So, people use the headphone to talk on calls so it should must has a microphone.

    Volume Control button
    A good headphone must have volume control buttons. It makes a user easy to use it. He does not need a mobile to control volume. He can directly change from his headphone. So, before buying a headphone check whether it have volume control buttons or not.

    High Volume
    Before buying a headphone, check its volume. A good headphone should have high volume but not too much high that can damage our ears.

    The weight of a headphone should be less so that it would feel comfortable in wear.

    The headphone should be foldable. It is a good feature that every headphone should have.

    Fit to your head
    The size of the headphone should be variable so that it can easily be adjusted according to the size of head.

    Bluetooth supported
    It is the best feature that a headphone should has. As nowadays, Bluetooth is easy to connect so people use it. Wireless headphones make you comfortable to listen music while you are in busy situation like when you are walking, exercising, working in kitchen etc.

    Tangle free wire
    The most important feature is that the headphone wires should be tangle free. It a most important feature that is not common in headphones. So, a good headphone should have tangle free wire because this feature would make it different from other headphones.

    As a human ear can hear only 20 HZ to 20 KHZ, so it should be in the range from 30 HZ TO 30 KHZ. A good headphone has these range of frequencies.

    External Noise
    In good headphones, external noises do not interfere in the headphone sound. So, before buying a headphone check whether external noise interfere in headphone noise.

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