What equipment do i need to play golf

play golf

When you think about golfing you may think of spiked shoes, plaid crab digger pants
and sweaters. The fact of the matter is that there is a lot more equipment than the
clothing you need for golfing and it all starts with a good golf bag.

A Good Golf Bag

There are few things that are more important to a golfer than their golf bag – well
perhaps their clubs are more important, but you have to have a good bag to carry them
around in. There are also several features that golf bags come with and they all vary in
style and color. In fact, you could have a golf bag for every day of the week or mood if
you wanted.

Because we all don’t have a caddy to carry and hold our bags for us, some golf bags
have legs of their own. These are nice as they allow you to stand your bag up and you
don’t have to worry about bending up and down all day on the course. Besides, you’ll
be doing plenty of bending all day anyhow.

All golf bags have a compartment specifically designed for the clubs. Each golfer tends
to have their own specific way of doing things when it comes to putting the clubs where
they want them. Some golfers though will just throw them all in and grab what they
need when they need it. Some bags have handy little tubes that protect the golf club
grips. These allow the golfer to get his or her clubs out easier. This keeps the clubs
from becoming tangled and they also protect the grips.

Another important factor is to choose a golf bag that has plenty of pockets. There’s no
such thing as too many pockets in a golf bag. First, one of the pockets will be used to
hold the golf bag’s hood. The hood is used to keep the clubs and bag from filling up
with water should it rain on you. Another pocket can be used to carry towels, because
you can never have too many towels.


Next, you’re going to need a pocket for tees and a divot tool. Of course, another pocket is going to be for the golf balls themselves. It also doesn’t hurt to have an extra pocket for extra golf balls as well, at least another dozen. If you’re on a course that is foreign to you, then there is no doubt that you may need a few balls just in case. Many golfers may not realize it, but the golf bag is an essential part of the game.


Golf Shoes

Most golf courses require a specific type of shoe. However, some golfers may ask
themselves whether or not golf shoes are really necessary. This is actually a personal
decision for you to make yourself.

Many courses will require soft spikes to keep the course from getting too roughed up by
people walking the course. Many club houses will also only allow soft spikes to be worn
inside to save their carpet. Many people also see golf shoes as rather unfashionable
footwear. However, golf shoes are far from being the ugliest shoes in sports and they
are continuously being revamped by the popular shoe companies such as Nike. But, to
answer our question are they really necessary? The truth of the matter is that they are
not necessary. However, you are going to want a pair if you intend to spend quite a bit
of time on the course.

But, should you choose to go with the golfing shoes you are going to want to be sure
that you choose a pair that is comfortable and easy on your feet. If you toes are
pinched or if you are getting a blister on your heels then you are going to be miserable
all day long and even more so when you get home. Also, if you are in pain then you are
going to not perform up to par so to speak.


After comfort comes the tread. This is because your stance is important in a good
swing, so you can’t have your toes sliding out beneath you. The tread pattern on the
bottom of shoe. If the sole of the shoe is slick then you are not going to have much
traction. The best type of tread pattern is another personal choice, but many golfers
prefer a circular tread pattern while others like the “tire” tread pattern as well.

Whichever pattern you choose, you need to ensure that the comfort is there as well.
You also want to never worry about your shoes while you’re golfing and if you aren’t
worrying about them then you have the perfect shoes for you.

The Balls

Okay, so we’ve got the bag, we’ve got the shoes, and now you need some golf balls.
No matter how good of a golfer you are, you have to have golf balls to play. But, there
is some controversy out there over which balls are best. As with many things in golfing, it is really up to the golfer as to which balls are best for them. It’s all about what you expect out of the ball and how much money you are willing to spend on balls that may be potentially lost in the woods or at the bottom of a lake.

There are many golfers who have one brand and they stick to it. No matter what, they
never use a different brand of golf ball. In fact, they will use no other ball and if they
can’t get them then they are not going to go golfing. This may sound extreme, but there
are some hard core golfers out there and everything has to be perfect.

Now, it you’re new to golfing and you don’t want to spend a lot of money on your balls,
then you should considered recycled balls. These balls have “been around” and they
can be purchased in bulk. This is good because new golfers are going to be going
through a lot of balls and you’re better off going the cheap route while you’re learning.
And, more often than not, you’re going to have a few good name brand balls in that bag
you purchase. You are going to be learning a lot about hitting the ball straight and
you’re better off buying in bulk instead of watching a couple hundred dollars sink to the
bottom of the lake on a golf course somewhere.


As your skills grow and become stronger, then you can begin moving up to a better
grade of ball. This does not mean you want to buy the most expensive balls you can
find, but some that are a step above the used balls you have been practicing with.
Remember; think about the price of the ball, your skill level and how much you are
willing to lose while practicing.

If you have a tendency to slice the ball or top the ball, then you are going to want to
stick to the cheap recycled balls. While the ball does get a lot of spin, you are going to
be gashing the ball with the club and they are not going to travel far. This means that
you don’t want to necessarily stick with the used balls, but don’t invest in the top dollar
balls just yet.

Theoretically, the better you get and the more your skill level increases, the better balls
you will want to try out. It’s also a good idea to try out different ball brands and see
which ones you like best. You should also give a lot of thought to the type of course
that you will be playing on when purchasing your golf balls.

Pre-Owned Equipment

Be honest with yourself here, how many times have you started a new sport only to find yourself spending a ton of money on it and then not ever playing or deciding that it’s just not for you. Well, this has happened to several people in the golfing world and that’s why it may be best for you to consider pre-owned golf equipment rather than spending the money on all new equipment just so you can begin a game that you are not sure whether or not you are going to like it.

Also, if you are a budget but your sport of choice is golf, then you also have many
options when it comes to pre-owned equipment. It doesn’t matter what you reasoning
is, there are several reasons that you may consider pre-owned equipment. For one,
there is a lot of “gently used” equipment out there.

This equipment is from those people who began golfing but decided that it wasn’t for them or just don’t have the time for whatever reason. These items are often low priced and still in great shape and can be found a wide variety of sporting equipment business, pawn shops and golf shops.

Golf clubs are a very important part of the game, but let’s face it, they can be downright
expensive. Purchasing used golf clubs can be tricky, but it’s not impossible and it’s a
very feasible option. If you are patient and you know the type of clubs you are looking
for then you will find that resale shops often have high quality products at low prices. If
you are looking for left-handed clubs, you may be pleasantly surprised as well.

Gently worn golf shoes are also available as well. These can be found in a variety of
places from yard sales to thrift shops and even eBay. You will often find name brand
items at low prices simply because they are no longer of use to the previous owner. In
most cases, they started golfing, went a couple times and never went back. Therefore,
the shoes probably were only worn a hand full of times as well.

Used golf balls can be found everywhere. These balls are a smart purchase no matter
what your skill level. You always need some used balls for putting around with and
practicing, so why not buy them in bulk. You can often find them by the bags at yard
sales and golf resale shops by the bucket full, as well as at golf courses and driving
ranges. They have to do something with all of those balls they pick up off of the
grounds. The same is true for tees as well. Bags of tees are easy to come find and
cheap as well. Other gadgets such as ball washers, golf towels, and cleat wrench kits
may also be found in a variety of locations.

Golf cars and carts can be found in a variety of locations as well. Manual push or pull
carts are often expensive, but can also be found at a reasonable price if you look in the
write place. Purchasing gently used golf carts can save you a pretty penny. If you find
a golf car or cart that needs some work, don’t despair. You can often find repair kits
and replacement parts in a variety of places.

If you’re running low on funds, but you can’t wait to hit the course then pre-owned items
are the way to go. Besides, you can often get brand name items at half the cost of what
they would be if they were brand new and they may serve you for years to come.

Golf Gadgets and Accessories

There are a ton of golf gadgets on the market today and you may be tempted to buy several of them. However, the fact of the matter is that many of them are not necessary. The more you play the game, the more you will be looking for ways to improve your skills. These gadgets often range from the useful to the ridiculous. If you’re having a hard time finding the time to hit the driving range and you can’t practice in your backyard, then you have a few options. Virtual golf is a unique gadget for that person who has limited space and time, but just loves the game. But, you may feel that you’re really not getting the practice you want because the ball is pretty much non-existent and you’re not really hitting it. Another option is a limited flight ball.

These are a ball that you place on a tee and then hit like you normally would. But, the ball doesn’t travel outside of a particular area. Another option is a ball and a net. The catch is that you have to hit the next every time.

Putting pads and putting practice aids have been around for decades. Give yourself the advantage of gaining practice time in the comfort of your own home or the office. Choose the kits that are as simple as a green bad that has a thick place for a cup and even those that will return the ball back to you.


If you are a real techie kind of person, then you are going to love digital scorekeepers. Not only do you have an immediate way of keeping track of the score, but you have a digital record of it as well. This allows you to instantly recall scores from past games to assist you in improving your score for your current game.

If you are a dedicated golfer, then you have probably received a few odd golf gifts. Think of the covers that were handmade by crochet for your clubs, or your Tasmanian Devil club covers. You have probably even received a few towels, tees and balls. However, even the cutesy covers do serve a purpose and many golfers are secure enough to walk around the course with their Bugs Bunny covers peeking out from over the top of their bag.

If you’re having a hard time lining up the exact spot that you should be shooting for, there is a gadget for you too. There are several stencils that are available for people just like you. You simply use the stencil to mark the ball and then place it on the tee as directed. Then you have a clear target of where to hit.


A metronome is another gadget that a lot of golfers have broke out on the course. These are excellent for assisting you in getting the correct rhythm of your swing.
There is no doubt that there are e a million of golf gadgets on the market and many are useful. In fact, there have been several companies that were built around one gadget in particular. While you are shopping for gadgets, be sure you only purchase the ones that you really will use. Otherwise, you may simply be wasting money.

Every aspect of golf also has its own set of accessories. Just like the gadgets, there are a number of these that may prove useless to you, while you may not be able to live without others. In fact, golf clubs alone of a number of accessories that you can purchase. From head covers to customized golf grips. You can also find cleaning kits specifically for clubs.

Golf tees and balls are accessories in their own right. There are so many choices when it comes to tees and balls it can be mind-boggling. From generic inexpensive bags of tees, you can also find personalized golf tees in a variety of colors. You can also find rubber tees and brush tees. Brush tees are unique as the aim to give you increased accuracy.

When considering the accessories, you don’t want to forget about your won attire. There are numerous types of sunglasses, visors and caps available to keep the hot sun out of your eyes. Depending on where you live or what climate in which you usually play golf, you may need to invest in a few of these. If glare is your problem on the course, you may consider wrap around sunglasses with UV protectant lenses to clear up any glare issues. Umbrellas are also helpful in extreme heat and rain.


Golf towels are another popular accessory that you will see all over the courses. There are a number of logos and brand names out there. Golf towels serve not only to help wipe away the sweat on your brow, but to personalize the game for you as well. Ball retrievers are another accessory that you may want to consider. There are a number of generic ball retrievers that are affordable as well as personalized ball retrievers in a variety of styles.

Left or right handed ?

The majority of the world is right-handed, but there are some lefties out there who enjoy golf as well. If a right-handed person goes shopping for equipment they can typically find whatever they need quite easily. Unfortunately the left handed player is not so lucky.

There are some left-handed players who are able to play fro the right side, but they would all rather play from the side that is most comfortable for them. But, for the majority of left-handed players it is not feasible for them to do this, and thus, require the appropriate equipment.

Buying left-handed equipment can be a challenge. Unless you live in a large city or area where left-handed equipment is in demand, you will most likely end up having to order your clubs. The right-handed person can easily walk into any store and find exactly what they need.

Most golf store will carry a selection of left-handed clubs, with some left-handed putters. This is because it’s difficult for left-handed individuals to put from the right. It just does not feel natural and the result tends to be poor putting. If you are shopping for clubs, expect to have to order them. If you want to upgrade, you may as well consider custom clubs because you are going to have to order them either way.