What is a smart plug and benefit of using a smart plug


In the modern world, life of humans has been much busy with compared to few decades back. So modern humans keep doing many innovations to make life easier. A Smart plug is one of the best innovations to save time and money.

Also, many of you think the security of the house when you are leaving long time for vacation. The smart plug could be used to protect your home with more confidence.

A smart plug is an electronic plug that can plug into a traditional wall power outlet or even it can plug in into power extension cord and any equipment powered through this plug could be controlled remotely. As a smart plug is an electronics device, it can connect to the internet or wifi which mean it can be controlled using a smart phone app.

As a smart plug is an electronics device, it can connect to the internet or wifi which mean it can be controlled from anywhere using a mobile app. So, the smart plug could be act as a breaker or a timer to on or off the power supply to the equipment powered through it.

What is the benefit of using a smart plug?

  • Power supply of the equipment plugged into smart plug could be control remotely from anywhere
  • Possibility to set timer to power on or off of equipment plug into it
  • Saving the power bill by switching off equipment that don’t need to operate after certain time
  • Stress free life without thinking equipment forgot to turn off while working in office or while doing shopping
  • Control kid’s activities, watching tv, playing video game so on
  • No technical knowledge to operate it
  • Smart plug could be plug into any power outlet which mean not need special outlet
  • Cost of the smart plug is affordable
  • Smart plug is safe to use

Increasing the lifetime of electric or electronic equipment powered through it due to no electricity in the equipment when it’s not in operation so cost on the service or part replacement will be saved. For example, if you forgot to turn off ion, it will be damage.

In short meaning, if you want to turn on the coffee machine while you watching TV, turn on the garage light before you come to the garage, turn off garden light while sleeping, schedule to turn on the air-condition machine before come to the home.