What is ayurveda

What is ayurveda

The word Naturopath is only an inadequate translation of the word “Ayurveda”.
Ayurveda is a holistic way of treatment to maintain Health, which has been practiced in the Asian region for thousands years.

The “science of a long Healthy life “ – which is the exact translation – has to be applied even to the healthy person. Improvement to strength, the organs , to vitality, through different treatment methods increases a person’s resistance to illness.

Ayurveda is the unique ancient Herbal medicine & Health philosophy in Sri Lanka. This is based on the ancient Wisdom of good living. The means of healing available in nature, like herbs & spices, plants, leaves, roots & oil extracts combined with secret passed down generation to generation 3000 years to revitalize the essence of the body’s potential. It provides healthy therapy for general well being.

What Can Ayurveda Treatment do for you..?

  • An Ayurvedic Health cure is a preventive measure for the preservation of durable health up to old age.
  • It also cleanses the body & is appropriate for well being during post-convalescence & recuperation from acute or chronic illness.
  • Consequences of Ayurveda treatment are clear eyes, a refined skin tone, a robust nervous system, revitalization and regeneration with an increased zest for life.
  • Conditions successfully treated by ayurveda include: Stress, Migraine, Skin problems, & specially sleep disturbances.

What are the Benefits you get by these Treatments……?

  • Alleviate pain, Stiffness and Improve flexibility.
  • Improve Circulation
  • Reduce Swelling
  • Reduce stress/ strain and anxiety
  • Reduce inflammation in joints and soft tissue
  • Relieve muscle tension & improve muscle Tone
  • Boost the immune system through cellular waste elimination
  • Especially you will get a fully relax bale impression in your body while, you have
  • removed the fat in your body by the sweating in the steam bath.