What is backlinks


The more back‐links you have, the easier it is to secure your position within the search engines and influence search results so that your website is considered relevant and appears more frequently.

It’s no wonder that so many people have turned their attention to building an expansive, solid system consisting of hundreds of permanent back‐links.

Organic FREE search engine traffic consists of some of the most targeted, relevant visitors you’d ever get, and if you are able to secure your position within the top search results for highly targeted keywords, you could any need to pay a fortune in pay per click marketing.

Plus, the traffic you do receive will be exceptionally targeted, and far more interested in the products or services you are offering.

So, since back‐links play such an important role in your ability to generate traffic and effectively launch your website so that you are able to maximize exposure and build brand awareness, your question should be:

“How the heck do I begin to build back‐links?”

Before I answer that, (and I will show you exactly how to set up an incredibly effective back‐link system), there is something you should keep in mind when you begin to develop back‐links for your website.

Search engines determine how relevant (and important) your website is not just by the NUMBER of back‐links pointing to your website but by WHO is linking to you.

This means that not only do you want to focus on building a high number of back‐links but that you also want to focus on quality back‐links that are housed on authority sites.

QUALITY and QUANTITY are equally important when building your backlink system, and don’t kid yourself, if the search engines are forced to choose between the two (and if you have an equal number of back‐links as a competitor in your niche), the “vote” will go for the site with the highest number of quality back‐links.

This means that you want to do your best to develop back‐links on established websites in your niche. These are sites that have been around for quite some time, have developed a following, established a community and of course, receive a significant amount of traffic each day.

While you can (and should) incorporate a variety of back‐links into your system, including links from authority sites that may not be directly focused on the same topic or theme as your website, always keep in mind that
incoming links from quality websites will always play a greater role in maximizing your search engine ranking and overall exposure.

There are many different ways to begin your link building campaign and while many of the traditional strategies can be time consuming, once you have developed a solid back‐link structure and begin to increase your search engine positioning, you will be able to easily maintain it.